Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Ticks ALL The Boxes!     

Dry Carpet Cleaning
  •        Dries In Minutes
  •         Guaranteed
  •         Green Cleaning
  •    Fantastic Stain Removal
  •         Stays Cleaner
  •         Allergy Friendly

                      Why Choose Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning?

carpet cleaning Salford

Unbeatable Convenience

No Wet Mess .....Your carpet is spotlessly cleaned dry and ready to use immediately.

Carpet cleaners Manchester

Totally Safe

Safe for the ones you love, your family and pets. Safe for your home and carpet too.

Manchester Carpet cleaner


Our no-quibble guarantee covers every single carpet cleaning every single time

Carpet cleaning

Green Cleaning 

Environmentally safe products, EU approved, biodegradable. Safe for your home and wool friendly.

Manchester carpet cleaning service

Stays Cleaner, Longer

No stain wick-back , no sticky residues in your carpet to attract dirt

Allergy Friendly

HEPA vaccums for safe allergen and dust removal. Dry carpet cleaning reduces dust mites.

                                                                                   Help For Your Carpet Is Here ...

Stain Removal

 Deluxe Stain School will make you a stain removal expert !      Read More Here

Your Carpet and Pets

Pet owners can have beautiful carpets all year. Here's How Read More Here 

Success Stories

Stockport carpet cleaning

Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning has SO many advantages Read More Here

           Carpet Care

Carpet Cleaning in Manchester

All the help you need to keep your carpet looking its best Read More Here

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