Blackrod BL6

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Blackrod BL6

The town name Blackrod  comes from the Old English  words blaec and rodu, which translate to  “dark clearing”. Today the population of Blackrod is just over 5,000  Blackrod can trace the first record of its name to 1189 when it was written Blacherode later as Blakerodein and later still in 1220 as Blacrode.  It has also been suggested that the word Rod may be a reference to the Holy Rood, the Cross of Christ.

Blackrod is thought to be associated with a  Roman settlement, a fort was built by the Romans to  the north of the existing town where  the Castle Croft area is today and the A6 follows the route of a Roman road. Blackrod   was built on a hill and the road is below it.

There was a manor house at Blackrod and in  the 12th century the owner fell  foul of the king and the property was granted instead to Hugh le Norreys, in 1223 he became the lord of Blackrod and it is through the family of le Norreys that the estate decended.

The industrial revolution changed the economics of the whole area, the primary source of employment became the coal mines and a big brickworks operated in Blackrod that employed men not working in the mines. A total of six collieries were in the area including Anderton, Hall, Dootson, Vauze, Rigby Hill Marklands and Blackrod. In 1923 nearly six hundred and thirty men worked underground  at the Scot Lane Colliery and over one hundred and twenty at the surface but the mine was closed in 1932. In Blackrod there were also a bleachworks and a textile printing factory and a weaving mill. All of these industries are long gone and the inhabitants of modern day Blackrod work either in the retail sector of the town or commute to employment in nearby Manchester or Bolton
Blackrod BL6