Breightmet BL2

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Breightmet BL2

Breightmet is a small town  in Greater Manchester, England. The population  at the 2011 census was 13,584. The name Breighmet  is from Old English breorht (intense) and maed (field).

The mansion  house and  one ploughed field was held by Augustin de Breightmet in the 12th century.

In the territory there was a quarry and also a number of collieries,  one of which contained a seam of coal that was 3 yards thick .Local people were employed in the coal mines and the women were handloom weavers making  quilts and counterpanes  The town of Breightmet had 2 cotton mills and also a bleachworks that employed the local people.

The Breightmet municipality, covered 825  acres of hilly land  and was two miles north east of Bolton on Bury road. It was divided from Tonge with Haulgh by the Bradshaw Creek.  Breightmet Hill,  is the highest point and peaks at  525 feet There is a local nature reserve at Seven Acres Country Park divides the west side of Breightmet from neighbouring Tonge Moor

There are several churches in Breightmet including two Anglican churches, St James and St John the Evangelist, St Osmund’s Roman Catholic church, Red Lane United Reformed Church and  the independent Kings Church.

St Catherine’s Academy has a community recreation and also sporting activities centre. Leverhulme Park, the biggest park area has a community centre  and also a youth centre with a gymnasium, interior sports hall as well as outside sports arena, which hosts the community’s institution athletics competitions. The park has football pitches, 5-a-side football pitches, bowling greens and a sports arena as well as nature walks and also barbecue areas.

Breightmet BL2