Farnworth BL4

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Farnworth BL4

Farnworth  is a medium sized town with a population of about 30,000 people it is  close to Manchester and is 7.5 miles from Manchester and 2 miles from Bolton.

Farnworth lies on the River Irwell and the River Croal it started as a hamlet  in the 13th century and belonged to  the Lords of Barton and Manchester. There was a watermill on the River Croal and in the 18th and 19th centuries the town expanded very rapidly due to growth in the coal mining industry.  The collieries were part of an extensive mine complex, with underground canals stretching from  Worsley and these canals linked the mines to the Bridgewater Canal. Other industry in the Farnworth area included iron foundries and paper and  cotton mills .The owner of Farnworth Paper mills, T. B. Crompton, patented a continuous-drying process which contributed to the mechanisation of papermaking in 1821

Farnworth’s Carnegie Library on Market Street is one of the many Carnegie libraries established by the  famous philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. The library was built in 1911 and is constructed of red brick with ashlar sandstone dressings, and flat roofed areas surrounding a central dome. It is a Grade II listed building and protected now.

Farnworth has a very popular theatre the  Little Theatre, established in 1948, with an amateur theatre group and it is situated on Cross Street  The town of Farnworth has two leisure centres. The Farnworth Leisure Centre has a swimming pool and is located on Brackley Street, and the Harper Green Community Leisure Centre  on Harper Green Road.

Farnworth has several parks and recreation grounds .The largest is Farnworth Park,  which is close to the town centre, this  has undergone recent  redevelopment  to make it more children friendly. There is also Ellesmere Park on the west side of the town centre, there are also recreational opportunities for Farnworth families at  Bradford Street Recreation Ground in New Bury, and Doe Hey Playing Fields in Harper Green.

Royal Bolton Hospital is in Farnworth. An Emergency Department was added when Bolton Royal Infirmary in Bolton closed in the early 1990s and moved to the Farnworth site.

Farnworth BL4