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Halliwell BL1

Halliwell has a population of about  14,000 and is a very pleasant place to live and work with excellent schools and leisure facilities. Halliwell is now just a suburb  of the bigger town of Bolton The population was 13,929 in 2011. It is a very pleasant area to live with excellent transportation links to both Bolton and Manchester.  Halliwell is approximately  2 miles from the   town centre of Bolton  and has  Tonge Moor as its neighbour. The very old town of Smilthill Hall lies to the  north  of Halliwell  and it is located within the area known as the West Pennine Moors

One of the best known landmarks in the suburb is St Peter’s parish church, which was  built in 1838 and consecrated two years later in 1840. Halliwell was of course once a town in its own right and used to be  part of the old parish of Deane. Vestiges of Halliwells historical past can be still seen, Boundary Street was where the dividing line between Halliwell and the old parish of Bolton le Moors fell and there still exist remnants of  an old building on Halliwell Rd which was once the very important toll house for the road.

The name Halliwell is a derivation of  the old English name Halig Wella  or  Holy Well,  the water spring itself which gave its name to the town is no longer evident but it used to be situated at the north end of the town adjacent to Smithills Croft Road.

Although Halliwell once had its own football team called Halliwell Rovers and in their day they were one of the top teams in the league. Their home ground in Halliwell was the area known as Bennetts or Holy Harbour. The ground no longer exists but it was located at the intersection of Elgin St, Bennetts Lane, and Cloister St

Halliwell BL1