Heywood BL9

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Heywood BL9

Heywood is a small town in Greater Manchester, England it had a population of 28,205 at the 2011 Census. The town is located on  the south bank of the River Roch, 7.4 miles  north of Manchester. Heywood’s  nickname –  Monkey Town, is thought to date  back to 1857.

The Anglo-Saxons cleared the densely woody area, dividing it into  fenced clearings which allowed the inhabitants to keep livestock and to grow small areas of crops.  In the Middle Ages, Heywood developed into a parish  centred on Heywood Hall, a country mansion owned by the Heywood family  Farming was the primary industry in the sparsely populated region  and the farmers would supplement their earnings by hand-loom woollen weaving in the home.

Textile manufacture became the dominant industry in the area during the Industrial Revolution and , Heywood became  a community of mill workers  and also coal miners. Imports of international cotton products in the mid-20th century meant the decline of Heywood’s fabric and mining economy and today nothing of it remains but the buildings. Heywood was once so well respected for the quality of its cotton goods that the  Queen mother visited Heywood in the very early 1900s to admire the cotton in the factories, and cotton from Heywood cotton mills was used  to create the outfit that she wore for her 50th birthday celebration speech.

Heywood is close to junction  19 of the M62 , and this  provides easy  transportation access for the huge distribution parks in the south of the town. high The  Church of St Luke the Evangelist was built in the 1860s and it has a massive 188 ft high roof which is visible throughout the town.. Heywood was the birthplace of Peter Heywood, the magistrate that discovered the Gunpowder Plot, and his  family home  was Heywood Hall. Heywood has a terminal on the East Lancashire Railway, it is  a heritage railway and a tourist favourite.

Heywood BL9