Horwich BL6

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Horwich BL6

Horwich is a small town situated 20 miles from Manchester. The excellent public transportation and the accessibility of the M61  and rural setting of the town makes it a very attractive commuter town for young families.   Horwich town council is made up of 14 elected town councillors and has a mayor, the current mayor of Horwich is Stephen Rock. Every year one of the Horwich councillors is elected to the position of mayor, it is a largely ceremonial position and is only for one year of service.

At the beginning of the Industrial revolution Horwich became an important economic hub for bleach works and the cotton spinning industry , they had access to fast flowing streams from the surrounding moorlands and could generate power from water mills and then electricity. The evolution of the railways then caused a rapid expansion of Horwich population. The population of Horwich is now about 20,000.

The river Douglas flows through Horwich and the town is surrounded by moorland Rivington Pike and the West Pennine Moors. In 1995 the area called Red Moss  1.5 km from Horwich was designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest because it is a lowland area of mire with the flora and fauna that should be protected. The site is managed by the Wildlife trust

The former industrial legacy of Horwich is reflected in many of the older imposing Victorian buildings around the town.

There was always an interest in Horwich in education and the Railway Company built the Railway Mechanics Institute in 1888 which subsequently became Horwich Technical college but today no longer exists. Today the young students of Horwich attend Rivington and Blackrod High school or St Joseph’s High School located on Chorley New rd.

The earliest school building dates from 1793 and was created to be an Infant school and a Sunday School. It is now known as Horwich Parish School and is still used as a parish hall and is protected as a Listed Building. Other school buildings that were erected in 1832 are still in use as Horwich Parish C of E Primary School. A newer primary school was built for young children and is called Our Lady’s school in 1886 and this was merged with the original Holy Family primary school in 1894 and together they are now jointly known as St Mary’s Primary School in Horwich

Horwich BL6