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Great Lever BL3

The population of Little Lever is  about  11,500, and there are 2 unusual aspects of Little Lever demographics – firstly it has  an unusually high population density and secondly there are equal numbers of men and women in the area.

Great Lever is now a suburb of  Bolton but Little Lever is still very much town in its own right mainly because of its size. Both areas have changed considerably over the years,  at the beginning of the 20 th century the people of Little  Lever were generally employed  locally in the coal mines or in work to do with the canals or in the mills and factory in the neighbourhood.

Today the residents of Little Lever tend to be employed in either Bolton or Bury or Manchester. There are excellent transportation links for both public transport in the form of trains, metrolink or bus and also a very comprehensive networks of roads and motorways for commuting.  Within the village of Little Lever the main employment is in the retail or wholesale sector. The canals are no longer a means of employment, the textile sector has long since been abandoned and all the remaining mill and factory buildings turned into office blocks or residential apartments.

The heritage of Little Lever is not typically associated with coal mining but there are historical records showing that a coal mine existed in the area as early as 1320  and  the coal mining industry reached its peak in the 1800s. There were a total of ten coal pits operating in the whole area  at Kearsley, Outwood, Radcliff and in Little Lever Eighty years later records indicate that in Little Lever alone there were ten  coal pits operating and employing the local men. The other main source of employment in Little Lever in bygone days was the woollen trade. Fulling mills operated in the area before 1559. Fulling is a stage in the manufacture of woollen cloth and the Bolton area  was an ideal spot for the creating of woollen cloth because of its climate. Fulling involves the cleaning of the raw wool and the thickening of the wool fibres allowing it to be spun into cloth. It has to be stretched and this requires the air to be humid. The fulling process was carried out in a water mill to provide the power to run the machines.

None of these large industries exist any longer but the village of Little Lever is now a very pleasant place for families to live with excellent commuter links and good schools. It is close to the towns of Bolton and Manchester and has many parks and leisure facilities.
Great Lever BL3