Lostock BL6

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Lostock BL6

Lostock is a residential town in Greater Manchester and 18.1 miles  northwest of Manchester, it is home to  Bolton Wanderers’ football ground. Lostock, is one of  Bolton’s most affluent suburbs

Lostock originated as a hamlet  and Chew Moor  was the major centre of the area, although it was only a group of small cottages which housed farm labourers and those renting land from the lord of the manor.

Lostock Hall was the manor house for the estate at Lostock, a truly grand house in its day but today nothing remains of the original building but the gatehouse. It was built in 1563 and the date is inscribed over the entrance together with the initials of the  resident CAD.  The existing interior is  typical of the design of the day with wainscoted and panelled walls.  There are some drawings showing how the main house Lostock Hall once looked from ‘ Views of Old Halls of Lancashire and Cheshire ‘ by Philips. The house appears in these drawings as having 3 not 4 gables on its South side but unfortunately the drawings by this author are not entirely reliable and can only be taken as impressions because the sketches he has made of the gatehouse is not correct on many features.  Lostock Hall  was used as a farmhouse until it became derelict, then it existed for many years as a ruin until it was finally razed  and disappeared altogether in about 1824.

The gatehouse of Lostock Hall that still stands is 3 stories high and has a staircase. There is a central arched entrance on the ground floor and on each side of the arched entrance are two wide columns within which and above the entrance are mullioned windows. The appearance of the gatehouse at Lostock is more Renaissance than is normal in this area.

Although there were originally no windows on the ground floor of the Lostock gatehouse these have now  been added and are modern constructions situated between the columns.

Lostock is also known for being the training centre for the beloved Bolton Wanderers FC.  Under the management of Phil Parkinson they train and craft their play at Lostock which has become their full time base. Lostock has only recently become the base for the Bolton Wanderers, it used to be just the home of the football club’s academy but because of their financial difficulties the club made the decision to move to Lostock full time.

Since the move to Lostock, the Wanderers have made several major changes to the former academy training ground one of which is the plan to build an air supported dome enclosure over the existing artificial football ground. This is an attempt to make the training facility truly ‘year round ‘ and to allow the players to receive the training that they need in all kinds of weather at Lostock. Although a big investment the   Lostock community represented by the Bolton Council planning committee unanimously approved the application

Lostock BL6