Over Hulton BL5

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 Over Hulton BL5

Three townships, Over Hulton, Middle Hulton and Little Hulton , originally made up the Hultons and the name Hulton has been spelled in several different ways throughout the years. Helghtun,and Hilton and eventually Hulton. The main manor house Hulton Park  was owned by the Hutons  in Over Hulton. The Hulton family were thought to be Iorweth and Madoc and they came from Wales in 1167,  Richard de Hulton built Hulton Hall at Hulton in 1304. The Hall had an estate of over 13 hundred acres of land  with a 4 acre lake. The estate was discovered to be rich in coal and supported several collieries. The Hulton family owned Hulton Hall for over 80 years and the last member to live at the Hall was Geoffrey Hulton. Hulton Hall was demolished in 1958 .

The Hulton area had several successful collieries that operated for many years and employed large numbers of men in the area. The Pretoria Pit or Hulton Bank colliery was south of Hulton Park and operated from 1901 to 1934 but in 1910 there was a terrible mining tragedy which was one of the worst in British mine history.

After 800 years of occupation by the Hulton family the Hulton Park estate was sold in 2010 to the Peel Group for development.

Over Hulton was one of the hundred of Salford and until the nineteenth century Over Hulton was part of the Parish of Deane.  The town of Over Hulton together with  neighbouring towns   formed the Bolton Poor Law Union in 1898  an organisation that  had the responsibility for the funding and oversight of the Poor Law in the area. The administration of the  township was divided  in 1898 when the Daubhill district of Over Hulton was  added to the borough of Bolton and the remaining part added to Westhoughton Urban district.
Over Hulton BL5