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Modern professional carpet cleaning makes one of the most difficult house keeping tasks easy and convenient. Simply call the carpet cleaning  company and set up an appointment. Nowadays you don’t  need to move all your furniture – all that is required is to pick up the smaller pieces of furniture so that the majority of carpet is accessible . Modern carpet cleaning methods are low in moisture and quick drying. Your carpet is going to be dry the same day and cleaning agents are strictly eco friendly and free of all toxins or hazardous components. Affordable and convenient By the end of the day, you will have a sparkling clean carpet.

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After purchasing expensive and beautiful rugs for your home, you will want to keep them beautiful for as long as possible.,Weekly vacuuming of superficial soil is of course required but every five years  you should entrust your rugs to the  experts for deep down cleaning .  An Oriental rug cleaning company has the expertise and equipment to clean your area rug perfectly and can perform many other services such as stain removal and repairs and moth proofing.

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Professional furniture cleaning is the best way to keep your upholstered furniture clean, sanitary, and looking like new. Normal use by your family and pets can expose your couch, loveseat, and chairs to a broad range of dust, dirt, food crumbs, stains, pet hair, and pollen that can not only make the surface dirty, but unhealthy as well. Regular upholstery cleaning is the easy way to enjoy your furniture year round and keep your home safe as well.

Ramsbottom BL0

Ramsbottom in Manchester near Bury is making a name for itself all over the UK with its restaurants and dining choices.  Ramsbottom has a thriving community that enjoy all the features of the lovely old mill  town – a picturesque setting, an active community and  good transportation links plus a very strong town identity and over the last ten years the town has built an extraordinary reputation for great restaurants, mostly independents and all of which offer fantastic food.   The Levanter restaurant in Ramsbottom recently earned the praise of  Jay Rayner(f One of the foremost food critics in the country) for ‘ its fabulous Spanish cooking at amazing prices’

Food events in Ramsbottom draw huge crowds for entertainment and for eating The Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival and the Black Pudding Throwing Competition to name two such crowd pleasers. Such events are fantastic for local pride and for the local economy also.

Ramsbottom has a history for being a foodie town – Ramsons Restaurant was a Ramsbottom favourite and a multi- award winner and Good food Guide regular for over 30 years, Ramsons single handedly set up the town to appreciate good food and great dining and the restaurants that have followed its example owe Ramsons a debt.  Ramsons closed about 2 years ago when its owner retired but its dedication to great food started Ramsbottoms present reputation.

There are two outstanding restaurants in Ramsbottom and both of them are Spanish. One is the Levanter praised by Jay Rayner, that is essentially a tapas  restaurant owned by Joe and Fiona. Their website is the place to check for weekly updates to the menu and to read their very interesting blog about their food finding forays!

Baratxuri is a pintxo bar run by the same owners and is located just around the corner in a very pleasant part of Ramsbottom town. This is a fantastic export from the gorgeous Basque area of Spain offering a marvellous selection of one off treats or a  sit down sharing experience for several which is a great fun way to dine on an evening out in Ramsbottom.

Ramsbottom BL0