Tottington BL8

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Tottington BL8

Tottington was once known for its fine hunting and was all open farmland, that has all changed of course over the years and Tottington is now an area of Bolton between Walshaw and Affetside.

One of the buildings that is well known in Tottingham is the Dungeon which was constructed during the industrial revolution but now simply a visitors curiosity. The Dungeon is one of the most curious atifacts in the area and there are no reliable records to explain its history. It was used as a lock up for trouble makers and drunks  not a real dungeon and the BBC Domesday says that it was a small triangular shape with a steel door to hold about six people. There were shackles inside and a stone bench.  There was a special voluntary constable to escort the trouble makers to the dungeon and rumour has it that the door was often left open to save the volunteer the trouble of looking after the occupant .

The Salford Folk Museum offered to remove the building in 1964, they wanted to preserve it and would have rebuilt it in the museum but Tottington residents preferred to keep it as a curiousity in the local neighbourhood  as a link to the past .

Whitehead Gardens is another well known part of Tottington. The gardens are below the Church of St Ann and is the former site of homes . The gardens were created on the site where a bomb dropped on Christmas Eve 1944 during the second world war, 7 people were killed in that very tragic event and fourteen injured, the bomb devasted the whole area, all the windows in St Anns church were blown out.   The Whitehead family lived very close by  in Stormer Hill and were well known philanthropists in the  area they donated the  £ 5,000 to create the Gardens in remembrance of the victims. A plaque remembering the dead  was created and on Christmas Eve 2004 a service was held in the Gardens to mark the 60th anniversary of the tragedy.

from the Whitehead family, of Stormer Hill, who paid £5,000 for a remembrance garden to be built in Chapel Street and it came to be known as Whitehead Gardens. Today, a plaque remembering the dead is in the gardens and a service was held there on Christmas Eve, 2004 to mark the 60th anniversary.

Tottington BL8