Turton BL7

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Turton BL7

The village of Turton is famous for having the remains of  prehistoric stone circles at Cheetham close, they are thought to date back to the Bronze Age and are considered to be evidence for the earliest settlers in the Turton area. They were originally about 50 ft in diameter and the stones around the perimeter were several feet high. They attracted a lot of attention many visitors and in 1871 the farmer that was the tenant destroyed the stones dragging them away using his carthorses and breaking up with a sledge hammer. Fortunately sketches, maps and documents together with detailed notes on the circles had been made by an antiquarian named Gilbert French and this is now preserved in Bolton Reference Library.

South of these remains are those of another prehistoric circle bigger than the first and this may have been an enclosure for livestock.

Turton tower is another feature that has made Turton a place of note. The tower is actually located in the district of  Chapeltown now but was the residence of the Turton lords of the Manor. Existing records show the earliest mention of the Manor of Turton was about 1200, when the property made up part of the barony of Manchester. In 1420 the Turton tower was  passed down to the Orrell family who made several changes to the property. Some of the tower was rebuilt and in 1596 the floors were raised up and the height of the property increased and as a result three new rooms were constructed. Later on in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries new timber fronted buildings were constructed and the entrance hall created also. The property was sold in 1628 to a Manchester businessman Humphrey Chetham , Chetham was the creator of Chethams School of Music and Chethams Library and the Turton Tower was passed down through his descendents.

The tower was bought in 1903 by Sir Lees Knowles who was MP for Salford West. He was a very wealthy man whose family had made their money as colliery owners. He died in 1929 and Lady Nina Knowles who was his widow generously donated the Turton Towner to the Urban district Council of Turton and it was transformed into the council chamber.
Turton BL7