Westhoughton BL5

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Westhoughton BL5

Westhoughton is a community, 13 miles from Manchester. Westhoughton was once  a  thriving centre for coal mining, cotton-spinning and also fabric manufacture.

Westhoughton is the result of  the merging of previously separate  villages and hamlets many of  which have retained  their distinctive personality, sports traditions and railway stations. They include Wingates (White Horse, Over Hulton, Fourgates, Chequerbent, which was almost ruined by the building of the M61 freeway,

The college, which was recognized as Westhoughton Parochial Institution, has been renamed and is now part of St Bartholomew’s Church of England.

The red brick and terracotta city center and also Carnegie collection were developed between 1902 and 1904 and also was created by Bradshaw & Gass.

One of the most famous landmarks in the Westhoughton area is Snydle water tower . It was developed by Westhoughton Council in 1914 but  lay derelict for several years with most of the building destroyed  and the tower without a roof.  It has  been restored and given  a permanent home and can be clearly seen from the M61 motorway.

Westhoughton BL5