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There is no substitute for  professional  carpet cleaning

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Spotless carpets enhance the beauty of your home

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Cleaning your carpet  removes dirt and raises the IAQ in your home

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Office carpet cleaning is good for your clients and your employees

Nothing improves  a room more than a beautiful clean and spotless carpet! Spots and dirt are depressing to look at and it could not be easier to remedy the problem. A quick call to us and we set you up with an appointment to have your carpets cleaned quickly and conveniently. Our advanced system of carpet cleaning allows you to enjoy a clean carpet without moving all your heavy furniture. We use sofa sliders to clean under sofas and small furniture can be replaced almost immediately. Stain removal is part of our service and we use HEPA vacuums that are hospital grade. Try us and prepare to be delighted with the results, the most convenient carpet cleaning ever.

The most convenient way to a cleaner carpet, perfect for a busy home

   The Dry carpet cleaning company you can trust

   No risk of wet damage, safe and effective

Modern  Dry carpet cleaning gives you complete peace of mind

     Environmentally friendly, no waste water to pollute ground water and drains

Superb results for berber carpet with  our Dry carpet cleaning system

    No detergent residues, your carpet stays cleaner

Guaranteed results with Deluxe Dry carpet cleaning

  Allergy friendly Dry carpet cleaning system

We  provide low moisture carpet cleaning which has been carefully  designed to clean carpets and please our customers. It is convenient and doesn’t cost too much, it is safe and allergy friendly. Conserves water resources and protects the groundwater and it works. It is a safe quiet and effective way to clean carpets and it  is unbeatably convenient. Call us for an appointment today and have clean carpets without waiting and without the fuss.

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All non toxic cleaning products

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We take pride in our local reputation for being carpet cleaners with a  guaranteed service. We offer a no quibble money back if you are not happy and we can do so because of the excellent service we provide each and every day to all of our customers. We are a local service operating in Manchester Stockport and Bolton areas and our service estimates are always inclusive, cleaning preparation, spot treatments and cleaning are all included in the one affordable price.