Cleaning & Repairing Rugs

What does our rug cleaning system do for your rugs? Our passion is perfection in rug cleaning !

Our process at our rug cleaning studio in Cheshire  is as follows :

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Careful expert inspection to establish the type of rug and the cleaning method most suited to the type and fabric of the rug. We make notes on the condition and take photos

Dusting – this is another name for dry dirt removal. It is a 3 step procedure 1. Vacuuming 2 Dusting 3 Air dusting  We will vacuum the superficial dirt with a powerful vacuum  and then dust it .A rug is a very efficient  filter for the  dust and dirt in your home, a rug can hold well over a pound of dirt per square foot . Thick pile rugs will require air dusting, This is where we jet powerful streams of air into the back of the rug, removing any remaining dry soils. This process is extremely effective at removing tough compacted soils deep in the pile of the rug. Our state of the art rug dusting machines to remove every possible particle of loose dirt and dust. Years of  soil is removed from deep down within the rug fibres.

Washing – rugs are washed carefully using a special dye fast detergent to protect the color, by firstly placing the rug in to the wash pit. The pit will be filled with water and a “rug roller” is used to squeegee the water through the rug. The rug is then thoroughly washed on both sides with a specially designed Oriental rug shampoo, and once again the “rug roller” is used to ensure that the shampoo passes right the way through the rug. Any fringes will be cleaned and detailed by hand

Drying  –the rug is  rinsed and the moisture extracted using a centrifuge  machine designed to remove  all the excess water. We can use our Centrifuge spinning machine, it can flush water through your rug at the same time as rinsing so we can thoroughly remove any nasty odours or accidents after a pre-treatment The clean rug is  as dry as possible. Rapid moisture removal ensures that the rug   ,….then the fibres of the rug are groomed to lie normally so that they do not dry distorted.  The rug is dried Depending on your rugs fibres and construction it will either be hung to dry or laid to dry in the drying room. We can can speed dry your rugs in the drying room with the use of fans and dehumidifiers. flat  in a drying room in controlled heating so that the shape is not distorted.