Any Questions?

[su_heading size=”19″]Any Questions?[/su_heading]


In this section we have tried to answer some of the popular questions about our service.

If you have any other questions we are always happy to give more information

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2 main reasons to have your carpets cleaned by a professional are

1) To remove dirt

2) To restore and rejuvenate

You can’t remove that gritty greasy dirt that is tracked into your home every day on shoes, bicycles, baby strollers etc with just the vacuum.

Carpets become grubby and worn  over time so you start to see colours fade and the carpet fibres flatten in high traffic areas.

Gritty dirt that is not removed wears the carpet.

Your carpets should be deep cleaned at least once a year.

NOT superficially by hand or machine scrubbing methods that don’t remove embedded dirt

NOT with do- it –yourself gadgets that  might leave your carpets  blotchy and soaking wet.

The fast and effective carpet cleaning system by Deluxe Dry works and is totally convenient


[su_heading size=”15″]WHY SHOULD I  USE DELUXE DRY CLEANING?[/su_heading]

Deluxe use a very low moisture system for carpet cleaning

The risk of rust stains, water stains, shrinkage and dye run for carpet and furniture are almost non- existent.

We achieve stunning results on all popular carpet textiles

The very low moisture system eliminates the inconvenience of wet carpets.

The carpet dries rapidly and is usually ready to use within minutes.

To see ALL the advantages of Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning CLICK HERE


[su_heading size=”15″] HOW WILL YOU CLEAN MY CARPET?[/su_heading]

We have a four step process

STEP 1 The carpet  is vacuumed to remove dirt and dust and loose soil
STEP 2  Low moisture Deluxe Cleanluxe  is applied and worked into the carpet with our Cleanluxe machine. The specially designed counter-rotating brushes gently scrub and agitate the dirt and grime to loosen it                                                                                                  STEP 3  Our organic cleaning agent  is then applied to absorb and collect the dissolved dirt and to lift any remaining soil from the individual carpet fibres.                                       STEP 4   We  vacuum with our double engined  HEPA vacuum, powerfully extracting  and removing the dirt, leaving a beautiful clean soft fragrant carpet.



[su_heading size=”15″]WHAT IS LOW MOISTURE CARPET CLEANING?[/su_heading]

A very fine mist of cleansing Cleanluxe is  brushed into the soiled fabric , so we call it a LOW MOISTURE process,  the fibres of the carpet are just damp and the padding of the carpet is not wet. The delicate deep action of our machines open the carpet pile and allow each separate carpet fibre to be cleaned, emulsified soil together with dirt and moisture is  removed by our absorbent Dryluxe and then vacuumed away

The system is incredibly fast and effective. Because  the underlay of the carpet is not soaked the fibres dry quickly and carpets are ready to use often by the time we leave.



[su_heading size=”15″]HOW LONG WILL THE CARPET CLEANING  TAKE?[/su_heading]

It depends on the size of your home and the area of carpet to clean, but as a general rule each appointment takes about two hours.



[su_heading size=”15″]MY CARPET HAS ODOURS-CAN YOU REMOVE THEM?[/su_heading]

If you have pets or if you smoke, your carpet may have absorbed smells that linger but most general odours are removed completely with our carpet  cleaning process.

If you have severe carpet odour problems please mention this when you are booking your appointment.



[su_heading size=”15″]MY CARPET HAS STAINS CAN YOU REMOVE THEM?[/su_heading]

We are very proud of our carpet stain removal techniques.

We are able to successfully remove most household stains.

We cannot remove paint stains, hair dye stains, bleached patches or severe pet staining.

If you have severe stain problems please mention this when you are booking your appointment.


[su_heading size=”15″]IS DELUXE DRY CLEANING SAFE FOR MY BABY AND CHILDREN?[/su_heading]

Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning take pride in the fact that all our cleaning products and processes are environmentally safe and biodegradable.



[su_heading size=”15″]I HAVE ALLERGIES .. IS DELUXE DRY SAFE FOR ME?[/su_heading]

Common household allergens include  dust or  dustmites, spores and pet dander.

An allergy to dust may aggravated by vacuuming with non-HEPA vacuums. That is why some people who are dust sensitive develop allergic sysmptoms afer cleaning their house or using the vacuum cleaner.When you vacuum with a non-HEPA vacuum some dust particles are removed but the recycled air  may now include airborne dustmite particles, spores and pet dander.                                                                                                                                                            Deluxe Dry only  use HEPA vacuums that are capable of filtering down to 4 microns, they have a double engine that has tremendous suction.                                                                             Deluxe Dry use an organic  cleaning agent called Dryluxe. Sebo use a  similar  product to Dryluxe and GAF  Allergy Research Centre in Germany found that after a single cleaning with their powder 7 out of 10 carpets remained free of dust mite allergens for 6 months.



[su_heading size=”15″]WHAT KINDS OF CARPET CAN YOU CLEAN?[/su_heading]

We clean all kinds of carpet and carpeting

Wool, synthetics and mixed fibre carpets. Carpets, rugs and runners.

If you have an unusual or special carpet please mention this when you book your appointment .


[su_heading size=”15″]HOW LONG WILL MY CARPET REMAIN CLEAN?[/su_heading]

Deluxe Dry Carpet cleaning does not leave any sticky detergent residue in your carpets. We suggest professional carpet cleaning twice a year if you have children or pets.

There are several very effective ways to keep your carpets cleaner longer.

You can read about keeping your carpets cleaner longer CLICK HERE



[su_heading size=”15″]CAN YOU PROTECT MY CARPET AFTER YOU CLEAN IT?[/su_heading]

Yes we can, we know our clients want to keep their carpet the way it looks after cleaning—fresh and beautiful, but that’s not always easy with pets and children, if you entertain and have a busy lifestyle. Applying  carpet protector after carpet cleaning makes sense. We have it ..just ask.