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Professional Rug Cleaning

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 Expert Rug cleaning brings out the colours, restores the texture

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  Stains Carefully Removed

Local rug cleaning with a passion for perfection

 Neutralise Rug Odours

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 Years of Soil & Dirt Removed

Oriental & Persian rug cleaning  Improves the Air Quality in Your Home

 Extends the life of your rug

Contemporary and Antique Rug cleaning

  Manchester’s leading professionals for  Rug Cleaning with over 10 years of experience. We provide unmatched off site rug care at our Cheshire Rug Cleaning plant near Northwich where we use the latest rug cleaning equipment and advanced technology and methods to give your rugs the care and attention . Deep cleaning is achieved with extensive dusting then  full – immersion washing and careful temperature controlled drying. Your rug will be soft and clean and fresh smelling, our cleaning totally rejuvenates and restores your rug to an almost pristine condition.  and it will last for many more years as a beautiful work of art in your home.

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Rug Repairs and Restoration Services

Fragile and Antique  Rug Repairs

Rug restoration & repair services for all types of rug damage

 Moth and Beetle damage

  Rug repair services and prevention treatments

 Holes, Splits, and Torn rug Repair services

Rug restoration and repairs by hand

 Frayed Rug Fringe Repairs | Fringe Rot, Fringe Damage repair service

Quality Rugs are made to last a lifetime and many rugs that we see have suffered some damage in their long lives,  moth and water damage happens when rugs are stored and  damage and simply wear and tear over the years. Oriental and woollen rugs are often subject to moth and beetle attacks , the best defence against such damage is a clean rug. Moths love to lay eggs on rugs that are not cleaned regularly and that are not used.  Repairs for moth damage and  fringe  spoilage or rot.  All repairs are done by experienced and caring personnel that have extensive training.  Every rug is carefully inspected and the damage noted and a careful estimate made as to what repairs can be done.

Rug Colour Repair Service

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           Rug dye restoration services for

Rug Colour loss and Rug Dye Run problems,

 Rug Stain Removal Service

Pet stains removed & odours neutralised .Coffee tea and wine stains removed.

Our repair work on damaged rugs is of the highest quality, we can help with rugs that have been damaged or that are suffering  colour loss or more commonly where the dye ( usually red ) has bled into the paler colours on a rug. Our specialists can redye a rug that has bleach spots or that has lighter patches. We can fix all the  possible problems that your rugs have and we do it carefully.  Our specialists can redye a rug that has bleach damage.

Specialist rug cleaners with a passion for excellence

 Expert care and attention  for fabrics and rug types

   Silk rugs, wool rugs, synthetic fibre rugs. Short or long pile rugs and large tufted rugs

Persian &  Oriental rug cleaners

 Oriental rugs, Persian and Chinese Rugs |  by quality rug cleaners

   Kilims and flat pile rugs, long or short pile rug cleaners

Attention to detail and care by Professional  rug cleaners

Your rug will be examined expertly to determine the types of fibre in your rug, the weave and the dyes  and decide on  the best cleaning method and the  rug cleaning equipment to use for the specific material and degree of soiling. Each rug is given individual care and attention We are specialists in Oriental rug cleaning, including: Persian, Afghani, Pakistani, Chinese, Indian, Antique and handmade oriental rugs.