Stockport – A wonderful place to live

Stockport is a community which has carefully preserved much of it’s natural charm even though it is a very large town, and yet has progressed and changed to keep up with  modern day living.  The fact that a full fifty percent of the land around  Stockport is  preserved  for Parklands, paths and hiking and walking trails, makes this a very unique town with clear priorities for its residents and visitors.

Stockport is a very old town and has preserved a great deal of its history, it has  more than a hundred protected and  historical buildings,  in this way Stockport has many architectural  pleasures. One very attractive  building that must not be missed out on is “Bramall hall”. This is a beautiful  old building with a timbered exterior, there are tours around the carefully preserved interior including the  great hall, the servants quarters, the fully equipped  Victorian  kitchen and scullery as well as magnificent ornamental gardens and the stable yards outside. The parklands of the estate surrounding Bramall Hall will take a whole day to explore with magnificent woodlands and walking paths

Stockport has all the attractions of a large town with  an extensive  and central shopping area, coffee shops and restaurants . One  shopping centre is  housed inside of  what was formerly the magistrate courts. Stockport has a great deal  of things to see as well as do. Art galleries, including the historical  museum, assisted walking  tours around the Stockport area  and the very popular “Robinson’s brewery” visitors tour.

If you have a family then the “Run of the mill kids play centre” is located conveniently in Stockport, where children can  use their interior play area, this is very popular during school holidays and also on rainy weekends.  The play centre  have special occasions and activity classes, in addition to several well balanced meal choices and snacks in their restaurant.

In Stockport you can see the original cobblestone streets and the busy outside market area which has been in existence and operating for the last 700 years. Here you can buy just about anything.

Chester zoo is fairly close to  Stockport as well as is one of the biggest, best stocked and operated  zoos in the country. With almost  8 thousand animals  and beautiful grounds , this is a  great day out  for children and adults alike.

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