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carpet cleaning  Your Carpet is Dry & Ready To Use

 carpet cleaning  Organic Cleaning System

carpet cleaningStains Will Not Return

carpet cleaning No Wet Mess, No Mould or Mildew

 carpet cleaning  100% Guaranteed 

carpet cleaning  Allergens and Dust Reduced

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Wilmslow -Alderley Edge

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The Advantages of DRY Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning in Stockport Carpet cleaning is so much more convenient when it’s DRY! With Deluxe Dry carpet cleaning Stockport there is no  wet mess, no smell and no waiting Our rainy weather and cold winters mean that there is no good time to have wet carpets , Dry carpet cleaning is the sensible choice and it allows you to have clean carpets all year round. Your carpet is dry in minutes not hours. To make an appointment with Deluxe Dry carpet cleaning Stockport … call us today at 0161 768 0208

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Deluxe Dry Carpet cleaning for Stockport is safe— Our carpet cleaning system and products is safe for your carpet, your family and your pets. The products used to clean your carpets are completely safe. We never use toxic chemicals even for stain removal . Dry Carpet Cleaning is safe for all pets including birds. Children’s bedrooms and nurseries, pregnant mums, babies and pets  are completely safe and free from risk.

Our Non Quibble Guarantee

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Deluxe Dry carpet cleaning Stockport and Cheadle want you to be completely happy with our carpet cleaning service. We know that the continued growth of our business depends on each and every carpet that we clean and we want to give your real value. We are proud of the huge number of referrals and excellent reviews that we receive so we cover every cleaning unconditionally with our guarante

Strong Stain Removal Treatments

carpet cleaning in didsbury At Deluxe dry carpet cleaning  we use effective stain cleaning techniques. Stain removal is an art and we use the most modern techniques to clean carpet stains.. and keep them from returning.

We leave your carpet dry and so there is no possibility of stains coming back a few hours later. Dry carpet cleaning cleans the fibres of the carpet only… no moisture penetrates the backing or padding of the carpet. No dirty solution will come through from below the carpet and our cleaning system does not have any detergent content to cause any type of sticky residue. Your carpet should remain stain free and spotless for months after carpet cleaning in  Didsbury.

Deluxe Dry Carpet cleaning Stockport Cheadle is a great alternative to traditional carpet cleaning for allergy sufferers. Dust and dust mite particles and allergens such as pollen are often thrown into the air when vacuuming and these can trigger allergy symptoms. Deluxe Dry carpet always uses HEPA vacuums that are hospital grade for the maximum removal of allergens and tiny particles of dust.dry carpet cleaning stockport cheadle

Our Customers Say....

Brilliant Job

5 5 1
Big thank you to Deluxe for cleaning my dining room carpet and hallway, they looked terrible. All the stains are gone and the hall looks a hundred times better. I will never leave it so long again but I didn't know about dry carpet cleaning -- Now I do! Thanks very much for a brilliant job

Dog stains

5 5 1
Wasn't sure whether the carpet would ever recover from the stains our dog made when she was a puppy, they all came out as well as some old paint stains. I'm very surprised and pleased thank you.

Almost as good as New

5 5 1
We would like to say thank you for the trouble you took over our lounge carpet last Thursday, it looks almost as good as when it was new and that was nearly eight years ago. We are looking forward to having our sofa done next month.

Will Recommend

5 5 1
I will recommend Deluxe Dry carpet cleaning service they arrived late but called to say the traffic was bad. I didn't have to wait for them, my rugs look much better and I thought their prices were very reasonable.

Soot on the Carpet

5 5 1
We had soot all over a bedroom carpet and the first carpet cleaning company that came said it would take too long and was too big a job. We were very upset because the property is a rental, we called Deluxe and they said they could clean it and they did, quickly and with no fuss. The carpet is now clean and so is the hall carpet. Thanks Deluxe Dry Carpet Service for all your help.

Ink stains Removed

5 5 1
I had ink stains on my brand new carpet from one of the decorators -- his pen leaked into a pocket there were 2 big stains and several small ones. I was devastated because the carpet is new. The lady from Deluxe said they could clean it and they did! Would definitely recommend to anyone with carpets.

Stockport is a community which has carefully preserved much of it’s natural charm even though it is a very large town, and yet has progressed and changed to keep up with  modern day living.  The fact that a full fifty percent of the land around  Stockport is  preserved  for Parklands, paths and hiking and walking trails, makes this a very unique town with clear priorities for its residents and visitors.

Stockport is a very old town and has preserved a great deal of its history, it has  more than a hundred protected and  historical buildings,  in this way Stockport has many architectural  pleasures. One very attractive  building that must not be missed out on is “Bramall hall”. This is a beautiful  old building with a timbered exterior, there are tours around the carefully preserved interior including the  great hall, the servants quarters, the fully equipped  Victorian  kitchen and scullery as well as magnificent ornamental gardens and the stable yards outside. The parklands of the estate surrounding Bramall Hall will take a whole day to explore with magnificent woodlands and walking paths

Stockport has all the attractions of a large town with  an extensive  and central shopping area, coffee shops and restaurants . One  shopping centre is  housed inside of  what was formerly the magistrate courts. Stockport has a great deal  of things to see as well as do. Art galleries, including the historical  museum, assisted walking  tours around the Stockport area  and the very popular “Robinson’s brewery” visitors tour.

If you have a family then the “Run of the mill kids play centre” is located conveniently in Stockport, where children can  use their interior play area, this is very popular during school holidays and also on rainy weekends.  The play centre  have special occasions and activity classes, in addition to several well balanced meal choices and snacks in their restaurant.

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Modern carpet  cleaning agents  are highly sophisticated  and over the last 20  years new and effective carpet care technologies have been created. Cleaning your carpet is really no different than anything else; you get what you pay for. Additional carpet cleaning  services are often available to clean your carpets and eliminate carpet odor, it can also eliminate bacteria and smell from your home. Your local carpet cleaner is ready to do a great job.

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Fine area rugs are often a stunning statement in your home as a floor covering. Their striking colours offer an elegant and sophisticated alternative. Many spend a lot of money on this home investment and they are often treasured heirlooms, passed down in generations as they are deeply cared for items.

Rug cleaning by an expert Rug Spa is  not only for its appearance but to prolong the life of the rug. Regular cleaning of your rug will ensure that dirt and debris are kept to a minimum; however it is inevitable that your oriental rug will suffer from daily wear and will require cleaning.

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It is always better  to have a professional  service clean your furniture. Modern  upholstery cleaning companies have the equipment, knowledge, and the trained cleaners  for the most effective and safest cleaning for  your upholstery.Do it yourself methods can cause a lot of accidental damage and will not be covered by your furniture warranty because most manufacturers recommend professional cleaning . Regular commercial cleaning for upholstery preserves its looks and gives a fresh attractive appearance.